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Rich Brandy & Tomato Soup

This Rich Brandy & Tomato Soup is a tasty treat. Chef makes our delicious Tomato Soup with root vegetables, celery, tomatoes and smoky bacon, sautéed in butter and pureed with double cream. All of which he combines with fresh herbs and brandy. This is a delicious light and tasty soup. Available in single portions.


Smoked Peppered Mackerel Pate

Our Mackerel Pate is a creamy, piquant starter. Chef makes our Mackerel Pate with traditionally smoked peppered mackerel from the famous Isle of Skye Smokehouse. He then blends the mackerel with tangy horseradish cream. We recommend serving with a round of hot wholemeal toast or crunchy Arran Oatcakes. Available in single portions.