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New Meals

Boeuf Bourginon

This Boeuf Bourginon is a perfect balance of incredible ingredients cooked with care in a traditional recipe. Top quality, Scotch Assured beef is hand diced and casseroled slowly in red wine and delicious beef stock until the meat is soft and tender.  We add whole shallots and finish with sliced carrots resulting in a rich beef stew that melts in your mouth and makes you smile.  Serving suggestion: Pair with Sautéed potatoes from our sides menu, to add a crispy texture to the dish and help mop up the delicious gravy. Available in single or double portions.


Chicken & Leek Hotpot

A taste of hotpot heaven, our chicken & leek and thyme hotpot is topped with crispy diced potatoes. Breast of chicken is casseroled with leeks, thyme and potatoes.  A fragrant, saucy dish that could be simply served with Courgettes Provençale from our side dish menu. Available in single or double portions.


Fish Favourites

Fish Favourites Choose this selection and we’ll give you 3 portions from our side dish menu free of charge to complete your meal. 250g Scottish Hot Smoked Salmon Flakes Gratin of Haddock Plaice Bonne Femme Scottish Fish Pie Including 3 portions of side dishes: Mashed potato Green Beans with Dill Dressing, Steamed Spring Vegetables £38.97 – Incredible saving of £8.25.


Game Taster Pack

Game Taster Pack Save over £5.00 Back by popular demand, this taster pack gives you a selection of delicious gamey treats to enjoy. Breast of Pheasant Bordelaise, Medallions of Venison with Cranberries, Gressingham Duck Breast in Burnt Orange Sauce, Roasted Guinea Fowl Breast.