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Pork Dishes

Asparagus & Bacon Tartlets

These Bacon Tartlets are ideal for lunch or a light dinner. Chef packs these crisp, tasty Bacon Tartlets with delectable asparagus pieces. He then combines with our unique quiche mix and finishes with a sprinkling of bacon pieces before it bakes in the oven. Serve with a fresh green salad. 1 tartlet or 2 tartlets.


Ham & Pasta Pies

Ham & Pasta Pies, served with sweetcorn and roast potatoes – a delicious, comforting meal. Chef makes our pasta pies with traditional Scotch pie shells and fills with a mixture of pasta and juicy cooked ham, which he binds together in a rich cheese sauce. He then tops with grated Cheddar. Sweetcorn and roast potatoes accompany the pies. Available in single or double portions.


Pantry Pack

Pantry pack, full of essentials for your fridge/freezer: Gammon Steak with Tomato & Pineapple Mince & Tatties Lambs’ Liver with Red Onions & Bacon Pork Stroganoff Cheese & Mustard Chicken Supreme Healthy Ground Beef Chilli Balmoral Chicken Each meal serves 1.


Pork & Chorizo Stew

Pork & Chorizo Stew with baby potatoes and roast parsnips, make a delicious complete meal. Chef slowly cooks succulent pork and spicy chorizo sausage, in a red wine sauce with carrots, onion and parsnip. The result is a warming, flavoursome casserole. Baby potatoes and roast parsnips accompany the stew. Available in single or double portions.


Pork Sausages with Horseradish Mash & Gravy

This sausage and mash combination is comfort food at its best. Chef cooks Hall’s of Scotland pork sausages and serves with a creamy potato mash, flavoured with a hint of horseradish. Chef then adds a rich flavoured gravy. An ideal early evening meal that you’re sure to love. Available in single or double portions.


Sausage Casserole

This Sausage Casserole is a proper winter warmer. Chef makes our Sausage Casserole with succulent pork sausages. He casseroles with onion, turnip and carrots in a rich gravy. Simply reheat, and serve with your favourite vegetables. Available in single or double portions.