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Fish Dishes

Crab Quiche

Our Crab Quiche is perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Enjoy the delicate flavours of this rich crab quiche, filled with flaked crab meat, coriander and basil. Serve with a salad; perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Serves 1 or serves 6.


Gratin of Haddock

A delicious haddock dish – served as a complete meal. Fresh haddock fillets are slowly cooked in a rich cheese sauce, before being topped with breadcrumbs and cheese. Ready for you to simply bake until golden. Accompanied with garden peas and sautéed potatoes. Available in single or double portions.


Plaice Bonne Femme

Plaice Bonne Femme – made with lightly poached fillets. Literally translated as ‘good wife’, bonne femme describes food prepared in a homely, rustic manner. This dish comprises of plaice fillets lightly poached and topped with a luxurious fish veloute, made with button mushrooms and freshly chopped parsley. Available in single or double portions.


Scottish Cold Smoked Salmon

Expertly smoked salmon. We smoke our salmon to enhance the natural flavours and texture. Once the smoking process is complete the delicious flavour of the salmon matures over time to produce the perfect blend of smoke and cure. You can taste the quality of our salmon, every time. 100g 230g 1kg Side


Scottish Fish Pie

A rich Fish Pie recipe from the North East of Scotland. This fish pie features a delicious selection of Scottish seafood – succulent salmon, prawns, haddock and cod. Chef mixes the seafood in a creamy cheese and spring onion sauce and tops with mashed potato. Available in single or double portions.