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Main Courses

Asparagus & Bacon Tartlets

These Bacon Tartlets are ideal for lunch or a light dinner. Chef packs these crisp, tasty Bacon Tartlets with delectable asparagus pieces. He then combines with our unique quiche mix and finishes with a sprinkling of bacon pieces before it bakes in the oven. Serve with a fresh green salad. 1 tartlet or 2 tartlets.


Beef Curry

Beef Curry is a delicious addition to our Daily Essentials range. To make our beef curry, chef slowly cooks diced beef with onions and various spices. He adds yoghurt to give a medium flavoured finish. Available in single or double portions.


Beef Stovies

Beef Stovies are a tasty, traditional Scottish dish. Chef makes these stovies with chunks of potatoes and slices of onion, which he slowly cooks together in a hearty beef gravy. Chef adds slow cooked beef to complete this classic, delicious dish. Available in single or double portions.


Breaded Butterfly Chicken With Garlic Butter

Chicken with garlic butter, roast potatoes and buttered peas – a delicious complete meal. Chef butterflies plump chicken breast, before being coating in a breadcrumbs. We serve the chicken with garlic butter to add a delicious flavour. Baby roast potatoes and peas accompany this dish. Available in single or double portions.


Chicken & Ham Pie

This Chicken & Ham Pie with potatoes and peas is a truly comforting, complete dish. Diced chicken supreme and chopped ham in a rich creamy chicken velouté, finished off with with a sprinkling of freshly cut chives. Simply cover with the accompanying puff pastry lid and pop it in the oven for a classic favourite. Accompanied with roast potatoes and minted peas. Available in single or double portions.


Chicken Breast in a Brandy & Green Peppercorn Sauce

Chicken breast in a peppercorn sauce, with potatoes and onion, is a delicious complete meal. Chef gently cooks a chicken breast with brandy and soft green peppercorns. He finishes the sauce with cream and fresh herbs. Creamed potatoes and roasted onions accompany the chicken. Available in single or double portions.