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Gluten Free


Boeuf Bourginon

This Boeuf Bourginon is a perfect balance of incredible ingredients cooked with care in a traditional recipe. Top quality, Scotch Assured beef is hand diced and casseroled slowly in red wine and delicious beef stock until the meat is soft and tender.  We add whole shallots and finish with sliced carrots resulting in a rich beef stew that melts in your mouth and makes you smile.  Serving suggestion: Pair with Sautéed potatoes from our sides menu, to add a crispy texture to the dish and help mop up the delicious gravy. Available in single or double portions.


Breast of Pheasant Bordelaise

Pheasant Bordelaise is a lovely French dish. Plump pheasant breasts are cooked slowly to retain their natural flavour and juices. They are then covered in a classic French sauce of red wine, shallots, thyme and demi glacé; an outstanding dish. Serve with Courgettes Provençale and Mashed Potatoes from our side dish Available in single or double portions.


Chicken Chasseur

Our Chicken Chasseur is gluten free. To make our appetising Chicken Chasseur, chef  uses gluten and wheat free flour. Plump chicken breasts simmer in the rich demi glacé sauce with tarragon, white wine, tomato concasse and white button mushrooms. Available in single or double portions



  A delicious pair of smoked Kippers. We have been smoking kippers in Scotland for centuries and we are proud to present these to you.  The fresh herring fish is butterflied and hung for smoking in a traditional smokehouse beside the rugged banks of Loch Fyne.  With wonderful, succulent flesh and golden skin, this pair of kippers is a treat for all the senses! 350g


Medallions of Venison with Cranberries

This Venison dish is full of flavour. Chef neatly trims medallions of Highland venison and marinates in red wine. They are then pan seared the medallions and serves on a bed of red cabbage and cranberries. This dish is full of fruity aromas that perfectly complement the intense flavour of the meat.  A marvellous dish for a special occasion. Available in single or double portions.


Plaice Bonne Femme

Plaice Bonne Femme – made with lightly poached fillets. Literally translated as ‘good wife’, bonne femme describes food prepared in a homely, rustic manner. This dish comprises of plaice fillets lightly poached and topped with a luxurious fish veloute, made with button mushrooms and freshly chopped parsley. Available in single or double portions.