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Only the Very Best!

The Scottish Gourmet prides itself on using only the very best Scottish produce in its menus. All our meat has been produced to the highest standards and is fully traceable back to the herds and flocks. Our dishes are all freshly prepared to order, in kitchens which set highest levels of hygiene and food safety, and are delivered to you within 24 hours of dispatch, chilled and never frozen.

Beef – Our beef is obtained from Scottish Aberdeen Angus herds, renowned the world over for the superior flavour and quality of their meat. This quality comes down to a combination of factors, including grass feeding and skilled stockmanship, as well as the traditional manner in which the meat is hung and prepared. The meat is matured slowly to bring it to perfection before it is cut to the highest standards. Over the years we have formed firm and lasting relationships with premium Scottish livestock farmers with the best Scottish herds. They provide us with a completely naturally reared Scottish product with total traceability from farm to plate.

Lamb – Our prime Scottish lamb is raised on Scotland’s natural highlands. We particularly favour Cheviot lamb from the Border hills, which have a wonderful flavour and a succulent texture. They are matured for a minimum period to ensure they are at their tenderest when they reach our kitchens. We think, and we are sure you will agree, that quality Scottish lamb is the finest in the world.

Game – We are privileged to source all our game from the great estates in the heart of the Highlands and the Scottish Borders. Our game is quality assured, pheasant, partridge, and pigeon are all wild and come to us fresh each week. Skilled gamekeepers work hard all year to ensure the unrivalled quality of their produce. Many of these estates are involved in many conservation projects, including well-managed wildlife habitats both on low ground and on the higher heather moorland.

Pork – Most of our pork comes from Tamworth pigs farmed in and around Highland Perth and Royal Deeside to the highest standards of animal welfare. Again, as with our beef and lamb, our suppliers provide us with a naturally reared Scottish product, with full traceability back to the originating herd.

Venison – The venison in our products is mainly red deer meat, which is not as strong as meat from other species, but has a very fresh and natural taste of its own. Venison is getting more and more popular as a lean, low-fat and healthy alternative to red meat. It is an excellent meat that deserves to be eaten more often.

Seafood – We also feature seafood strongly in our menus, especially during the summer months, when it is at its most plentiful and at its best. All our fish and shellfish are sourced from fish-merchants who buy from local fishermen direct at the quayside of the Inner Hebrides and the fishing villages of North East coast, and who supply the finest hotels in Scotland. Our smoked fish are cured using only traditional methods, which avoid the use of artificial dyes and additives.